Lambing camera installation in Cartmel

Lambing season can be an exhausting and stressful time for farmers who have to check on their flock constantly. We where recently contacted by a farmer near Cartmel who lived over a mile away from his lambing barn. In previous years he had to go down to the barn and check on his flock every few hours, day or night, wind or shine.

We visited his farm and designed a lambing camera CCTV system for him so that he would be able to monitor his flock from the comfort of his own home. We installed cameras that are full colour day and night as well as a sim that used a 4G connection. This meant that the farmer could check on his anytime any place using an app.


The customer later said:

“So far this has been a God send! It’s made keeping an eye on the sheep so much easer. I can be anywhere and can check on them at the click of a button, I wish i’d of known about this years ago.”

The farmer could now sleep peacefully at night knowing that he didn’t have to get up in a couple of hours to check on his flock. If you think you’d benefit from a lambing or calving camera system installed on your farm contact us to find how we could help.