CCTV for Warehouse in Barrow

We were recently contacted by a company who runs a large warehouse in Barrow. With a warehouse full of valuable equipment and goods they knew that they were vulnerable to thieves and vandalism. They asked us what would be the most cost effective and effective way to protect every inch of the property inside and out with CCTV.

We visited the site to do a survey and it was determined that full coverage could be achieved with six HD Colour Vu cameras mounted high up on posts to give a wider field of vision. With the cameras being HD and able to see in the dark they would still provide very good quality imagery even mounted high up on the posts.

A few days later we visited the property to install the CCTV system. We arrived early in the morning to minimise the disruption to their business and installed the network of CCTV cameras within one day. The footage was able to be viewed in the office via a secure wireless network so we didn’t have to run cameras across the site. Any footage could also be viewed real time from anywhere in the world using a secure app, it can also be sent remotely to authorities if required.

If you think you might need a CCTV system or an old one updating please get in touch for a chat. We can install a wide range of personalised systems for homes and businesses designed to suite your needs.